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Heavy duty corrugated packaging

Heavy duty corrugated packaging is both durable and strong and is therefore perfectly suited for very heavy products. But the material’s primary advantage is not its strength, but its low weight. Heavy duty corrugated packaging weighs only half as much as wood, thus reducing transport costs and saving the environment.

Heavy duty corrugated packaging lowers transport costs and is easy to handle and recycle. For added moisture protection, we have Hydro-Kraft liner and a number of specialty products such as Palbox© , Stacpac© , Notch fold©, and Palpak©.

We also offer customized solutions in Heavy duty corrugated packaging, some of which are rather extreme in a number of respects. For Scania Parts’ deliveries of truck windows, packed five and five, we have a package that ensures that the boxes are completely separated from one another other. The boxes are fixed and cushioned, ready for global transport by air, truck, or boat. Our various heavy cardboard solutions have been developed in close cooperation with Scania Parts.