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Roots going back to 1917

APak has roots in the packaging and logistics industry dating back to 1917. But it was not until the early 1960’s that our characteristic way of working began to develop.

We are fond of saying that Swedish industry has set our standard.
In the 1970s we developed, in close cooperation with Volvo, a pioneering and comprehensive logistics concept that soon became the standard at Volvo. It was so effective, in fact, that many other companies use the same concept to this day.

Over the years, we have developed similar systems for other industrial companies in Sweden and Europe. These fully integrated systems, for which we over time became quite well known for, demanded that we were always learning something new.

”When it comes to customized, cost-effective solutions , we can’t be beat – whether it is a specific packaging challenge or a full logistics solution.”

In order to achieve these goals, we have learned to listen. We have learned to work together with our customers and have learned that the future is a fantastic source of inspiration and energy, especially when it is combined with almost a century of experience, industry know-how, and innovation. These are only three of the traits that separate aPak from the rest.