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One partner, endless solutions.

At aPak, we work with most any packaging material you can imagine (and a lot that you can’t). All so that we can best respond to our customers’ challenges, whatever they may be.

Our mission is to ensure that you receive the best possible packaging solution. Whether we are providing a standard solution to fit your specific needs, developing a customized solution to your specifications, or helping you to develop a unique solution that you may not have thought possible, we see no limits, just possibilities.

We are unique in the fact that we are both a producer and a reseller, an uncommon combination in our business. We have our own technical testing labs and development facilities (and even our own cardboard factory in southwest Sweden!) and can cover any packaging need you may have, from storage and logistics services to a wide range of standardized solutions and products.

What this means to you is that we can cover any and all of your needs – and all with the same high quality and standards that characterizes all that we do.

”For us at aPak, the idea of quality covers the entire relationship, from the first meeting to the final product!”

Corrosioin Protection

We have worked with corrosion protection for nearly half a century and have delivered rust protection products to Volvo and SKF for quite some time.


Corrugated Paper and Cardboard

When it comes to corrugated paper and cardboard, we have everything you could possibly wish for, both in terms of material and expertise.


Solid Cardboard

We like working with solid cardboard. This material is not only economical and practical, but also environmentally sound.


At aPak we only use plastic that emits nothing but carbon dioxide and water when burned. Our plastic is therefore a better option for the environment!


In some cases it may be necessary to use steel, wood or plywood in order to adequately protect the product during transport.

Heavy Duty Packaging

Heavy duty corrugated packaging is both durable and strong and is therefore perfectly suited for very heavy products. But the material’s primary advantage is not its strength, but its low weight.

Shock Absorption

There are many ways to fill up, fill out, fix, or in other ways protect a product in its packaging.


Custom Solutions

Unique solutions for unique problems. APak’s custom solutions.