pack·ag·ing (N) /’pakijiNG/:

materials used to wrap or protect goods


We at aPak sell packaging materials and solutions. We provide a great deal more than that, however.

In addition to helping you protect your products against the elements, against transport and error and damage of all sorts, we help you protect other things even more important. Things like your reputation, your image, and your bottom line.

With aPak, you have a packaging and logistics partner that combines the best of a traditional, family run business with the benefits of a modern, forward thinking operation. Security, competence, expertise, and innovation – all in one dependable and professional company.

With operations in Europe, North America, and Asia, we are as big as you want us to be and as close as you need us to be. We pride ourselves on our long-term, personal relationships with customers both large and small and strongly believe that the values that have brought us this far – from our honesty and reliability to our environmental and financial responsibility – will be the very values that help us help companies in the future.

We are, quite simply, the most competent and service minded packaging partner you will ever find.

We look forward to proving it to you.