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How can improving your looks help you cut transportation costs by over 50%? Read on to find out how Swedish company Speedheater learned that while beauty may only be skin deep, savings go to the bone.


Speedheater System AB is a company that develops, produces, and sells products and systems for paint and varnish removal. Our assignment with Speedheater began with a purely aesthetic assignment – quite simply, the company didn’t like the way their packaging looked. We took on the assignment of improving the graphic and physical design of their packaging.

What aPak Did

Once we got started, however, we found ourselves unable to limit ourselves to just that scope – we saw potential for savings and efficiency in the company’s packaging. APak’s experience in all aspects of packaging production and logistics entails that we quite often see things that others have missed – or never knew at all. This expertise leads to increased savings and efficiencies for our customers. And so even if the task we were given was merely superficial, we simply cannot help but do all we can to improve our customers’ business in the long term. That’s simply what we do.

And so we got down to work.

We analyzed their existing product line and packaging and then carried out a redesign of their packaging that allowed for more intelligent stacking, packing, and display of their products. Along the way, we had some concerns that our redesigned box might not be sturdy enough, but we managed to come up with a design that used solid carton instead of oddly shaped blister packaging and achieved the required stability. This resulted in a huge reduction in cost with maintained stability and no increase in shipping damages.

The redesigned packaging provided such storage and logistics savings, that Speedheater was able to achieve a 50% reduction in packaging costs and a 50% reduction in transport costs.

And yes, the packaging looked a lot better as well!

Why Is This Important to You?

Our goal is to build long-term business with long-term profits. The best way we have seen to do this is to help you do the same. That means that we approach each new job as an opportunity to build a foundation for future business. Yours and ours. What that means to you is that you can count on our decades of experience and deep industry knowledge being brought to bear on each and every project you assign to us. You can count on our doing our best to solve every packaging challenge you face as if it is the key to your very livelihood. You can count on the fact that we will do our best to provide the best solution to any problem you ask us to take on. Even the ones you haven’t asked us to handle or you don’t yet know you have.